『osu!』please enjoy game


  1. im at the point where 4 stars are easy to me this is hitting to close to home

  2. i passed my first 6* at 390k which was immortal flame

  3. Im happy this doesn‘t apply to me, I stop really carrying for rank at 200k

  4. I start with addiction to become better and better so I go like wryyyy then no more content so sucks but osu! have more but i am poor and i have that sh1t tablet that you can't move on…

  5. This is me, except I stopped at 36k and moved to Taiko a month ago to repeat the same cycle again.

  6. Ive been playing maps that I think are fun from the beginning. Anime intros/outros and whatnot, and I dont really check or care about my rank.

  7. Boi… I can pass a few 7 stars and a lot of 6 stars but I'm still not even 250k yet. Still can't fc a 5 star yet tho.

  8. After 3 freaking years, hundreds of hours of farming, reaching top 5k I finally did it. I learned how to enjoy this game…

  9. I'm at the 'unable to beat 6 star maps' phase after 2 years, but 4 stars can FC easily….most of the time, not guaranteed

  10. I still remember that one day I launched osu, searched for big black and actually passed… that was 3 years ago and I still cant pass big black.

  11. This is so accurate for me except for farming PP if anything its just the fact that i didn't any improvement for over a year so i stop playing for 3 months and after coming back huge improvement better aim and mindset
    edit: To those people that thinks they suck at the game let me just say that i'm playing osu for 2years now and my rank is still at 150k

  12. I've been stuck on 10.1k for a while because I didn't want to get under 10k with a 90 seconds 1-2 farm map lol

  13. osu is full of egotistical 6 digits who boast about passing 6-8* maps.

  14. I started playing because of my older sister. I had to quit a few times because of low disk space, but in 2018, I wanted to become better than Rafis. Now I'm still nowhere near that, but I'm having fun and still hope I can reach that goal someday. My rank may be falling, but my skill is only improving. Rank will come with skill eventually anyways.

  15. I hit 12k 6 years ago and then quit because I legit wanted to end my life so now I'm a 4fun player, even after 6 years of decay i'm at least still in the top 150k

  16. SEE!! I'm not the only one with a ''SKILL BLOCK'' mind!.. I mean I've been playing since 2009…(1 month before cookiezi) And I am NO WHERE near the level I believe I should be or want to be. I want to be able to beat hard AF maps like freedom dive or chipscape or something. I've tried for MONTHS of training to try beat these maps but I just can't can't can't no matter how hard I do. I'll quit for months on end because I get so angry at myself about it. But hey. I'm back at it again now! I'm passing maps I haven't passed before and finally am having some improvement over reading AR10 (since a new monitor…60hz 5ms AR10 I couldn't read it but man… amen to the ones who can on 60hz) now to find my way of getting over that wall Q_Q but hey I come back every time! Enjoy the game guys <3 !

  17. Being an 5 digit for 2 and half Years doesn't make me motivated by watching this video.

  18. This is a really nice video. I hope more people sees this. And i think this can apply to other rhythm games too. :') don't forget to have fun too once in a while 🙂

  19. i can perfectly remember the times when me and my best friend started to play the game and we would just farm together and have fun, until for whatever reason,i stopped farming and i would just play songs that i like insead of harumachi clover. on the other hand, my friend thought that pp was all it matters and he started farming more and more. i think he's now addicted to the game and he hits me with the phrase "i have fun when i gain pp" and that does not trigger me but i personally find it a little sad.i stopped farming at 90k and i am still stuck there, slowly watching my rank falling down but he still can't pass some maps that i can and that still motivates me to play the game

  20. Hopefully I'm only ~360k but i'm satisfied with this knowing that im playing for fun <3

  21. Amazing video.

    Another thing to add is to make small goals. Don't make like oh I want to FC this first try. Instead, make small goals and make it like a progression. Make sure it is around your skill level btw. Just don't make it too hard. Like first, pass the song, then you figure out your mistakes, fix those mistakes, then if you are confident enough go for the FC.

    Also your goals do not have to be FC's. It can be oh I want to get this good accuracy on this song or I want to have no more than 2 misses on this song.

    While going towards your goals, play for fun as well which is a good break from accomplishing your goals.

    Making small goals makes the game fun for me at least so do whatever keeps you having fun.

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