 iPhone 5/5S/SE – Solid Aluminum Bumper case – Esoterism Moat 5! – Phantom Grey


  1. Wow this bumper is so usless. Rubber absorbe energy of drop a lot better. That aluminium would bend and scratch when droped. Dont buy metal/plastic cases they dont work :d

  2. You talk like a pilot. I feel like i am now in a plane to spain… 🙂

  3. its a bit pricey, id only recomend it if your really into the design and love the case lol

  4. i like em, gives it a bit of a more stylish design

    they also help wth grip so the end of your hands have somethign to push and hold on

    thanks for watching!

  5. some how mised ur comment until the other guy replied lol, form using the bumper, if ur in a rural area, i have notice a drop in strengh by a bar. when im in the city, never had an issue as you always have good signal strengh.

    so in short, ive notice a slight impact, but nothing tht would render it useless

    hope this helps! subscribe if you like 🙂

  6. any complain about the signal???..whats your experience

  7. I hope more colors do show up. looks beautiful and reasonably priced! i like Element, but damn their price is too much. just signed up for when they come back in stock 🙂 Great Review!

  8. its a fairly new product, more colors will prob show up.

    yes the botton opening is great! should fit most headphones and adapters. even the lighting to 30pin adapter from apple fits!

  9. i like this as it is the first aluminum bumper with the bottom open so you can use it with the cheaper dock adapter instead of the $40 cable. wish there was more color options though

  10. it was the built in microphone in the "great camera".

    if its to low jsut krank it up a bit bro

    thanks for watching!

  11. to me it doesnt make a difference. i guess if one wants to switch service providers u wouldnt have to take the bumper off, but most people don't do that very often from what i can see lol

  12. Why did they have a slot for the sim card? How often do people need to swap out their sim cards?

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