$160 Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max vs $1,449 11 Pro Max! (NEW)


  1. i use this phone to scam people. so much money lol 😀

  2. Comprei o meu na wish, paguei 300 reais, estou esperando chegar pra poder gravar um vídeo por meu canal

  3. people buy iphone just of the cover. many uneducated don't know the purpose of iphone so better purchase the fake iphone if still insist like it cause everyone using it. but soon not anymore cause iphone is coming to the end

  4. i don't care if the real iphone 11 pro max is "the greatest" phone out there , charging 1,499$ for a f*** phone is an embarrassment and a way to say, "well, only people with money, lots of money can own this, poor's? try again next time" 1,499$ for a phone…a freaking phone….my god! i can buy with 1,499$ a freaking bedroom sets lol.

  5. This clone is safer than the real deal for your information guys witch made the fake one much worthy to buy 160$ fake iPhone that keeps your privacy identical IMEI CODE WITH NO CHANCE TO BE OPENED BY APPLE MAN TRUST ME THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED THANK YOU CHINA YOU AMAZING I WILL NEVER BUY AUTHENTIC PRODUCT

  6. I got 14 iPhone XS Max delivered to my address here in Texas this morning. All thanks to Dirk Hess
    All he did was pure hack
    Thanks a lot Dirk
    He replies fast on his mail forums legionofgloomhackers at Gmail dot com

  7. а че там русский человек делает сзади тебя ?

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