17 GAMES like WarCraft 3 Reforged

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  1. 2004 Exigo's models and animations are smoother and neater than the 2020 Warcraft Reforged ones!

  2. Can anyone remember a think it was a RTS where u played an elf and u had to figh undead at the start of the game and u had to upgrade a tower and got to fight an Ent as well at the start ?

  3. Armies of Exigo was so good I actually liked it more then War3FT, it is such an underrated game!

  4. w3 notreforged was better, the graphics and sounds are similar but w3 not reforged there is no more…

  5. Majesty2 is not like wc3.. i started to play it yesterday.. polished.. has King's Bounty engine and artstyle even (same company..) but i quickly realized.. Majesty 2 is good for multiplayer but for singleplayer, it's actually quiet dumbed down in many ways.. just go play the original.. Majesty Gold HD edition (from GOG).. really good ; )

  6. Majesty 2 is quite different from warcraft. You don't control your units directly. They decide where they want to go on their own, and have their own level and money that they spend on your shops

  7. is there a way to play armies of exigo multiplayer in 2019? i only remeber that they put the servers down a few years ago…. 🙁

  8. A correction. What you label "Dungeons & Dragons" is actually "Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard" which is set in Eberron.

  9. Spellforce isn't (or at least it wasn't) a copy of warcraft 3, at least, at first spell force it was an rpg game that can also behaves as strategy.

  10. While all of these are RTS games with a high fantasy aesthetic, not all of them play the same.

    For instance, Heroes of Annihilated Empires feels more like a Supreme Commander but Fantasy. You're not worried about resources running out as much as the rate at which you're using them.

    Another would be SpellForce, it is more of a resources vs bases type of strategy, building slots usage vs building resource consumption. More in the vein of Battle for Middle Earth than Warcraft.

  11. TZAR: The Bursen of the Crown imo the best of these. In time, playing this i was so confused bulgarians make literally a masterpiece! Awesome soundtrack, atmosphere, good picture, & ton of fun))) Its game so unique and have mechanics and buildpaths variety no game have after:
    Every race has its unique gameplay? Yes!
    Resource system simple but not making you stupid? Yeah!
    Every unit can earn expirience & gettin stronger? Thats here!
    U can craft artifacts & every unit can wear it? YES!
    Cherry of fantasy stuff? Lightning bolts, battle creature summons? your pleasure!
    Four… Foсk! FOUR main buildpaths(Battle, Magic, Religious & Merchant – and this is not a pre-choice, you can change each other in one session or build all if you wish & have money)) for every faction to bring you a victory???!!! No problem!
    And this all & moooore… IN STARCRAFT SCALING! 200 more unit cap, Carl!!!

    In many things is better than, no doubts – lovely War3. Age of Empires, Battle Realms, Starcraft, etc. – every RTS game that i can remember, classics or not, cant beat it till 2k19…XD

  12. I feel like a lot of these games add nothing to the rts genre. Bland and generic.
    Might give armies of Exigo a try.

  13. Lol if you going to say they are ripoff I would say not really… Because these game type (RTS) were popular in that time… You can see from "Red Alert" and the Loria one I will say that it is similar to WC, I see it some where before. And said got inspiration from Warcraft so why not? Not really any ripoff here…

  14. finally someone includes the amazing game rising kingdoms , this game is so under rated to me it is better than wc3

  15. Games like Warcraft REFORGED – shows games from ~2000s… Really? REALLY?!

    Besides – plenty of those games are nowhere near Warcraft 3 and the only thing they have in common is the basic genre and fantasy theme.

    Battle Realms, Dragonshard (incorrectly titled as simply Dungeons and Dragons in the vid), Spellforce 3 and probably plenty of others have VASTLY different mechanics.
    Hell, even Armies of Exigo that could be called a Warcraft 3 clone actually has more to do with Starcraft if you count the scale of battles…

  16. I absolutely loved Tzar growing up! Always loved working with map editors, so when I finally got my hands on warcraft 3….it was the best 🙂

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