#236 Atari LIBERATOR Arcade Video Game -Super Rare! Super Nice! TNT Amusements


  1. The arcade rooms were my second home in the 80s and I've never seen one of these in the wild or even heard of the game before a few weeks ago.

  2. This game is included in the new Arcade1up Deluxe that I ordered from Best Buy – knew nothing about it until now – can't wait!! Great video, thanks!

  3. had played this in a truck stop in the states as a kid, never seen this arcade again… until now! Thanks for sharing, and yes it a nice piece of art!

  4. I can grab a converted Liberator for practically nothing. Cab is solid but painted. Not sure if it is worth the effort or it is even possible to find the artwork to de-convert it.

  5. I wish I'd have known you had this game, I've been looking for one for ages.

  6. just curious where you come up with around 20 left in the world cause i have one so if it is one of the 20 should make out $$ on ebay. the one i have is a 9 out of 10

  7. The nicest Liberator cabinet in the world just got 99 cent taco juice all over it…

  8. wow.. I've never seen that game before. It actually looks like a lot of fun. That client is one lucky person

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