❗️ Empfohlene Programme, welche für das Tutorial benötigt werden❗️

►MegaDownloader ➡
(Ohne Limit & Wartezeit auf mega.nz runterladen)

►Software für Archive (WinRar) ➡

►Software für ISO-Dateien (Virtual CloneDrive) ➡

❗️(this video is for educational purposes only)❗️
(Dieses Video dient nur zu Bildungszwecken)


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  1. Hey, i speak english so it took me much longer than it needed to take for this but its the only one i found, i really appreciate it and it plays fine aside from occasional crashes. Thank you very much!

  2. ty but my client want to add steam and how to can i add to the steam?
    sry for my english bad

  3. Just to get clicks title is English I mean we're doing a bad thing but still

  4. The game is saying „60 Seconds! Steam edition uses Steam services and needs to be Launched from Steam. Please start the game again from Steam in offline or online mode.„ I tried to added the game to Steam but it still doesn't work .—.

  5. doesnt work at all, top link that you click wants to burn a disc image not open a menu like you do in the video????

  6. Doesnt work and fuck u i cant uninstall it now Fucking worst youtuber ever i wish ur family died

  7. ich habe ein problem: und zwar installiert es sich nicht da steht: Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden was soll ich machen??

  8. this one really works , good job man for doing this , really appreciate it ! like it everyone .deserves !

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