*aesthetic iOS 14 TUTORIAL* | step-by-step themed iPhone background

*themed ~aesthetic~ iPhone iOS 14 UPDATE (step-by-step quick, simple, & easy to follow tutorial) & whats on my iPhone Pro MA | how I customized using the NEW iOS 14, new app organization & icons, themed background, & customizable widgets!

Apps Used |
widget smith:
My Background |
*second picture down

My Icon Covers |
aesthetic app covers:
gemini theme: just type in google ‘tumblr devil/angel aesthetic’
My iPhone Case:
*20% OFF*
the mirrored case:

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  1. Sooooo once you have the new shortcut what do you do with the actual app bc it’s just sitting there????

  2. Why am I not able to get that option of adding the app to my library?? I can only delete it.

  3. My productive self is actually thriving after this update ♥️ having my phone as my own bullet journal is sooo cool

  4. Does this work on any iphone? Im not a techy person and im not sure if it would work for me.

  5. Thank you so much because it was hard for me trying to figure out how to work this on my iphone 11.

  6. Thank you sooo much I just needed to know a few things and you helped with that thank youuuu!!!☺️☺️😍💕💕

  7. does anyone know if there’s a way to open your apps without it immediately going to the shortcuts app before opening the actual app you’re trying to open? it’s getting really slow and annoying

  8. Hardest part of this : trying to declutter my apps DX I just can't bear to throw anything away!

  9. This really helped in my opinion this is the best video of a tutorial on the iOS14 update

  10. Hey babe first time watching and I just want to say how incredibly easy and awesome this video was I was looking for two days to try find a tutorial for this so thank you keep going I will subscribe and see what else you get upto 😌

  11. Is there a way to add notification on the shortcut? For exemple, if I receive a snap, a red number pop on the snapchat app, but not on the shortcut… plz help

  12. Ok so i did the shortcuts to my phone app and my messages but I couldn’t get my notifications (the red dot) on the shortcuts am i the only one or what 🤔

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