After 20 years PlayStation 2 can play burned DVD's without a modchip | MVG

FreeDVDExploit is a new hack for the Sony PlayStation 2 that has been discovered by Security Researcher CTurt – it allows the user to boot homebrew games on an unmodded PS2 console via DVD Player exploits. In this episode we take a closer look at how it works and what I think I means for the future of homebrew on the PS2.

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  1. this was uploaded a few days after i bought an FMCB memory card lmao

  2. you can buy a McBoot memory card off eBay for just a few AUD, problem solved. This is kinda redundant.

  3. It's better to just emulate the PlayStation because the first thing you do when you get a modded PlayStation 2 is try to figure out how to get better graphics (the fuzziness will kill your eyes) on a modern flat screen television set and there is absolutely no way to make everything work good with a proper PC you can upscale PS2 to 4K and I hear people all the time say well use component cables and that does help a bit but then you can't play PS1 games with RBGY composite so you have to swap cables every time you want to change to play PS1 and that gets old fast

  4. You don't need a modified system to make a free mcboot disk you have to get a copy of agent under fire make a iso modified copy of the original version you can find the file online and your payload needs to be installed on a USB drive you play the game till the end of the first level with the original discyou make a piece of plastic credit card tool to open the front of the PS2 without hitting the eject button or take it apart so you can swap the disc or if you have the 7,000 version you can plug up all the sensors so you can run the disk with the door open anyway at the end of the first level you swap the disc with your burnt ISO image disc and it will inject the files off the USB drive installed in the USB 1.0 on the front of the PlayStation into the memory card now you have a free mc boot memory card and your PlayStation 2 was completely unmodified with this card you can also make more cards…… Or you can just buy one online from somebody for about $10 this process also uses a cash overflow from agent under fire and it injects the files onto the memory card using a DVD exploit it was made so it could update the Dvd drive through the USB drive because somebody didn't know if they were going to need to update that system or not

  5. I wonder how difficult this would have been at the time, he used reverse engineering software to look at the code, would this sortware been readily available at the time?

  6. I'd like to let you know, I used armax to make my freemcboot card as it can load files off the USB stick

  7. Indeed it’s amazing! But I wouldn’t go as far to say that the free mcboot method is modifying your playstation. C’maaaaan lol

  8. That's… wrong. You don't need a modified system to generate a FreeMcBoot memory card.

  9. GHIDRA strikes again. That NSA tool is really proving to be a console modder's dream machine.

  10. Very interesting. I knew of users of Phat PS2s that supported the HDD drive they could get a SATA version of the HDD caddy and use FreeMCBoot to play Images of PS2 games on actual PS2 hardware.

  11. I have always been able to play burnt DVDs on playstation 2..back in the day the the apex dvd player was the best way to play burnt movies

  12. I remember you could use boot cds on the PS2 20 years ago. I used it to play Xenosaga which you couldn't even buy in my country.

  13. At this point i feel like they are gonna figure out how to run dvd's on a frickin 3ds without any mods

  14. Probably a dumb question, but curious.
    I have a phat PS2 on 1.10 DVD Driver, which this doesn't support yet. Why is that? It's hard to find any information on the PS2 updates, but from a lot of other MVG's videos, it's usually the lower updates that are more prone to hacking.

    (I already have an update DVD coming, just curious is all.)

  15. Been a long time since I messed around with homebrew stuff on un-modded PS2…did anyone ever figure out a way to play PS1 games from an HDD?

  16. There is already a FreeDVDBoot version that works at any Slim Ps2. ps2-home(dot)com

  17. I like freemcboot, I bought it on a memory card online for $10 and I have a fat PS2 and an original network adapter so I have a hard drive inside, it's a bit slow but I don't need to worry about the disk drive. The guy who made this hack is a beast though, it must have taken so much work, good video, really good for slim modders with old firmware.

  18. There is no browser and system configuration in my ps2. I think bios is corrupt…. any way to fix?

  19. I softmodded my PS2 slim, and now I can play games with win10 file share method, via opl.

    This exploit it's really awesome!

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