Alien Shooter :: SPEED RUN (0:17:59) by 'horned' [PC]

Like’ the video to show us which runs you enjoy most. Current best low% time on SDA by horned. (These are individual level runs that were spliced into one video). © 2013 SDA. IMPORTANT: @SDAspeedruns is hosting Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 from Jan. 5th-11th, more info here

This game is easy to go, but difficult to run. There are no quicksvaes/loads, no ability to rerun previous level and few bugs. But two of wich can be used for reducing time of run. Firstly one is shot through a wall from some kind of weapon (especially plasma), which is working if close to wall only; also it’s not necessary to kill blue monster in eight mission. Unlike alien shooter 2 this game has significant difficulty that all monsters must be killed on every level (except 8). So I prefer extra shooting on suspicious places (especially level 9 with huge amount of monsters). In beginning of game I chose a female character because it has higher speed and accuracy (but lower health and strength). First 4 levels I had to economize money and open richest caches order to purchasing three speed implants in fifth level. Also money from 5,6 and 7 levels used to purchase magma in level eight so I even got some extra money at that time. ~Horned

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Alien Shooter is an isometric arcade game released by Sigma Time in September, 2003. The game follows the actions of a marine tasked to clear out an experimental laboratory where teleportation devices have allowed legions of aliens to pour into the world, using a variety of weapons, tools and bio mechanical implants.

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For those who stumble across these videos, a speed run is a video of a person or persons, completing a game as fast as possible using any means possible. This can include glitches, abusing in-game mechanics and skipping items or even playing events out of sequence.

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  1. bonjour nous sommes en 2020 quelqu'un aurait cette version qui fonctionne?

  2. 12:51 there was two near the boxes he only killed one meaning he would of had to go back and kill them or he used cheat codes to finish the level

  3. this is nostalgia! my sister and i used to play this together. we would take turns on whos controlling the mouse and keys.

  4. How to cheat?
    1000 health: CHEAT H
    50000 money: CHEAT M
    complete level: CHEAT E
    1000 gun ammo: CHEAT A
    all weapons: CHEAT W

    Don't forget this in alien shooter

  5. Wow! Great walkthrough!
    Mine aint that fast! :))
    Can check it out on my channel if you'd like, I'd appreciate the support!

  6. If he is human he will fall back whenever a big ass alien group showed up.

  7. I finally found this game after searching for so long, I really remember this game when I was a child, especially the sound effects that are really very nostalgic ..
    I want to cry..😢

  8. The fastest way to kill the tough alien….hitting each other are working…Friendly fire 😂😂😂

  9. Wow… Damn. I didn't knew you could get the guns in those freaking walls just to shoot them with a explosive gun lol I miss this game. I've play zombie shooter from first to the last and the alien shooter the second part but this. I didn't get a chance to play it damn.

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