ALIENATION™ | Armour Up | PS4


Lead your elite squad in the fightback to save Earth from an alien invasion in this frantic, top down twin-stick shooter.

The fight is out there: drop in with up to three other players as you face down staggering odds. Or, when the heat is on, call on others to back you up and help drive away the extra-terrestrial hordes.

Combine the most brutal firepower and the deadliest tactics to secure victory. Flank forces and target weak points to create strategic advantages or simply go shoulder to shoulder and let rip a devastating ballistic tidal wave – this is your war soldier, fight it your way.

ALIENATION™ ©2016 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Developed by Housemarque. “ALIENATION” is a trademark or a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All rights reserved.


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  1. It sucks that you can't pause the game. I think they made it online-only to prevent people from cheating. Or if it's still possible, I think it's harder to hack an online-only game than it is to hack an offline game.

  2. I was looking forward to this (really enjoyed Dead Nation) but if there's no local/offline co-op that's a deal breaker at least until they add it in. I hope it's at least planned, local co-op is one of the advantages of games like these.

  3. if there would be local coop support, i would already preordered it…

  4. Can't wait for this game. I really love Dead Nation & Resogun and i am pretty sure i will love this one too. 4p co-op is gonna be insane!

  5. does look good, no real need to pre-order though as its a digital game, i wonder what the reviews will say

  6. Alright, a very nice monthly free game form PSN.. wait…

  7. Okay, I'm actually impressed by how rock-solid the performance is, some of those effects look like they should make a console chug along.

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