All Iphone error unable to restore idevice(-2) 3uTools Fixed 100% Flash Done

Iphone 6s Plus error unable to restore idevice(-2) Fixed 100% Flash Done
Applay All Iphone Models
Iphone 4 , 4s Iphone 5 , 5s Iphone 6 , 6s
Iphone 7 , 7s Iphone 8 , 8s
And All New And Old Models

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  1. I can’t keep the truth for my friends here, for everyone that wanna unlock iPhone linux0s vįa įnsta have get mîne done

  2. Thought he wasn’t legit at first but I must say linux0s is the best in |G in unlocking iPhones

  3. hiddentoolz on lg just helped in recovering my device thanks to those who recommended them ☝️

    My phone is iPhone 6 and I stuck on endless Apple boot logo or when I'm trying to restore my device by this method my device getting stuck on 19% of the progress and not going forward. What's the problem? (I've got iTunes logo and on the top written this "@t"

    Here's error message that I'm getting all the time
    ERROR: Unable to restore iDevice(-2).

    thanks in advance I really need your help folks!!!!

  5. hiddentoolz on lg just helped in recovering my device thanks to those who recommended them.📱🙏🏾

  6. previously it is iphone 6s white and in the second procedure you're using black iphone 6s. bruh you're using
    two iphones cant fool me.

  7. Now I can smile again after meeting linux0s on 1G,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he un|0ck my icloud

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  9. Guru_hack2020 on iG helps me fixed my MacBook perfectly thanks for job well done sir you are awesome 💯💯

  10. This video singlehandedly saved my Iphone XS. I was about to give up and drive it to Applestore because I was convinced it was a hardware problem.

    Big Kudos!

  11. Is this way make me loss my Data? Please help me I have iphone 6s with fully storage is this way work with this case? I don’t care about the phone I want my pictures back
    I don’t have icloud

  12. Bro I did it, It is asking password again
    and verify it again and at last said attempt data reciv==overy failed

    Please Madad karo

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