All NEW Boruto Characters Ultimate Jutsus & Awakenings – Naruto Storm 4 Next Generations

This video includes all the NEW Ultimate Jutsus, Costumes & Awakenings that can be obtained from the video game Boruto Characters in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Next Generations the new update! I think it’s great that Bandai Namco decided to release this DLC with these new Boruto Costumes.

mod by Akiaki



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  1. The problem with this games are they become boring to fast. Watching again and again same scripted animations is boring.

  2. It's crazy that even in the movie there movements are fast almost close to Saiyans

  3. hi i have a problem i have all add-ons but i have the attack from boruto and naruto no one can help me

  4. Lmfao Shikamaru has the same ultimate jutsu been saying “That’s your grave “ for years now lol

  5. Jus remember that Sasuke got the only Susano with Wings everyone else had to walk😭

  6. Me: dis is not a normal fight these r monster vs monster i mean look at how much power they have

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