Android 18 Quest for the Balls: The Majin DMCA Copyright Claim Filler Arc

#eroge #hentai #dragonball
Yes this is made in RPG Maker™℠®, but don’t be fooled this is definitely not using the likeness of characters from the Dragonball™®© franchise. This is a game about Android collecting magic balls to wish herself enough money to not have to live in Master’s Old Man House. As for gameplay, there’s none to speak of, you just go to the right location and talk to the right person and you’re gucci.

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►Developer: riffsandskulls
►Gumroad: l/SYbnm
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Fielding an army of mechanized RealDolls with Biggie Smalls pistol whip action sounds like the plot to a blaxploitation version of an Austin Powers film.

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