Apple – Introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Trailer

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus by Apple

iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure.

iPhone at its largest. And thinnest.

Developing an iPhone with a larger, more advanced display meant pushing the edge of design. From the seamless transition of glass and metal to the streamlined profile, every detail was carefully considered to enhance your experience. So while its display is lager, iPhone 6 feels just right.

Learn more about Design:

Not just a bigger display. A better display.

It`s one thing to make a bigger display. It`s something else entirely to make a bigger Multi-Touch display with brilliant colors and higher contrast at even wider viewing angles. But that`s exactly what we did with the new Retina HD display.

Learn more about the Retina HD display:

Hugely powerful. Enormously efficient.

The camer that changed phors now does the same for video.

Faster wireless. Far and wide.

Security. Right at your fingertip.

Your wallet. Without the wallet.

The biggest iOS release ever.



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  1. Watching on my space grey iPhone 6s
    I got it in 2016 March as a birthday gift 😂

  2. They all look the same………when will they bring a new look and feel to the game?

  3. Why is everybody tripping that the iPhone 12 is coming out summer of 2020? my friends :still be using there iPhone 6 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️

  4. I want will use iphone 6 plus but it has small battery but its gaming dominating all midrange andriod phones

  5. I want to change my phone to iphone 6..i know buying iphone 6 in 2019 are seem to going backward.. But i really like the compact design feel good using one hand and doesnt have back glass covered… What do you other guys think.. Is it worh it? Fact i dont play game to much on the phone just for whastapp and youtube only

  6. I had a friend that got this right when it came out and everyone was so amazed by it, they all wanted to hold it 😂

  7. yEEE this is great watching it in 2019 on an iphone 6 🤭🤭

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