Apple iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black 128GB Unboxing and Review

First impression with the complete unboxing of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB in Jet Black! ios 10 Full Review, Hands-on unboxing!

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  1. Buy this exact phone on WISH using the promo code aa945dbjrc for a 20% discount

  2. I got mines for $160.99 dollars from sprint bc my mom got the new Samsung and it had a discount. And I got jetblack also


  3. You should give me an iphone 7 plus 😢 i cant afford one . As a bday gift 🎁 my bday feb 13 😢

  4. Move To Google And Type: Couponsecrx Now this is without a doubt the purely working iphone7 coupon codes working from this month. Please don't waste your precious time in other coupon codes

  5. Hey, Royal Tech! Thanks for showing the phone up close. I am curious to know how the jet black has held up so far? I plan to get one as my matte black 7 plus has had its paint rub off at points where my fingers rest on the back. I am disappointed with the paint quality. I want to get a new colour this time and am leaning towards the jet black, BUT the scratch prone back of it scares me. Your inputs will be valuable.

  6. Fingerprints is not problem on jet black model, you just have to use transparent case to see its beauty

  7. i hope next time they make . iphone glossy design with 5s look with 5 inch screen. i want that

  8. i ordered mine 3 weeks ago…and still nothing… sigh… i should have ordered the first day it was announced

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