Apple iPhone 8 Review

We’re going to be giving all of the Apple smartphones their due, but today we get things started on the ground level as we tear into the iPhone 8.

[00:00] Intro
[00:30] Design
[01:49] Display
[02:52] Performance
[03:41] Interface
[04:27] Audio
[05:28] Camera
[06:27] Battery
[07:16] Conclusion
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  4. Is it 12.0 ios the iPhone 8?
    I ordered online an iPhone 8 will deliver this coming will I make sure they delivered legit iPhone 8 because it's my first time to use iPhone HAHA

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  6. I appreciate more my iphone 8 when I started my youtube channel the video quality is amazing and it so handy perfect size in my hands I am not a fan of big and bulky phones. No plan to replace my iphone 8 silver at 256 gb! This is my first iphone as I am an android user before.

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  9. no matter how much stuff you have on it or no matter how much storage, iphone 8 doesnt care and has the best performance and is definitely faster than a macbook with barely storage on it

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