Apple iPhone 8 Unboxing | Silver Edition

The iPhone 8, Apple’s new all-glass iPhone packs in a lot of features. But are any of them new? Let’s get a hands on look!

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  1. That was awesome thanks it really helped me out to choose what phone to get man. Good intro too

  2. i have an iphone 7 but im going to buy iphone 8 because my phone is in very bad condition (home button is like autoclicker, screen lags in one place, and its very hard to charge it because i cant even touch the charger so um..

  3. If you can barely reach the top with the 8,you’d have a lot of trouble with the plus version lol

  4. Yep!! I’m upgrading my rose gold iPhone se to the silver or gold iPhone 8

  5. I have an iPhone 6S and I don’t see any reason to update for this iPhone 7S (that for some reason is now called the iPhone 8)… my 6S is quite fast and fluid on iOS 11 and has almost the same features as this new iPhone… same screen, same resolution, same design… the 6S still can handle every game I install on it… wireless charging? True tone? Glass back? Sorry, that’s not enough… and mine has a headphone jack!

  6. Speaking as someone that traded in a 2 yr old 6s plus,its day and night.

  7. Probably the best review I've seen from you, great work man! 👍

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