Arcane Academy Review – with Tom Vasel


  1. The 60fps frame rate made me smile. I came for Arcane Academy, I leave happy to see the slick frame rate.

  2. Reminds me of a cross between Splendor and Seasons. BOTH ARE EXCELLENT GAMES!

    The variety of cards and options are a sure-hit for engine building/CCG lovers. Additionally, I love that it's quick!

  3. People are so rude, prideful, and judgmental! TDT is awesome and they do an amazing job. If you don't like something they are doing then don't watch. It's pretty simple really.

  4. Eek your mic sounds highly compressed. Consider reducing the gain or sensitivity a bit on the mic

  5. Good review, but y'all still need to keep working on the audio. Very fuzzy.

  6. Great video improvement! Really noticeable. Also nice review, I wouldn't have thought it would be like this from the box.

  7. Mechanism seems ok, but the aesthetics seem lacking. It's not the artwork, that's ok, but the overall layout just doesn't grab me.

  8. Put a piece of card stock with a whole in it in between the dial pieces to tighten it up and solve the problem. 🙂

  9. I don't think it has a place with me personally, but it looks neat.

  10. After my Machi Koro 'Deluxe Edition' experience, IDW published games have a little bit of an uphill battle for me.

  11. Is that a prototype board? Seems awfully flimsy for a production copy.

  12. Your audio quality is still pretty bad but I noticed the 60fps improvement to the video. It looks nice.

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