Arcane – AMAZING Eldritch mystery flash game series from long ago

One of my absolute favorite flash games from a decade ago -amazing art, voice acting, characters that have different abilities, a pretty deadly story -this game is flipping cool!
Today’s stream break music was brought to us by fellow horror enthusiast: LinuS! (But ya’ll know him as V0IDHE4D)


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  1. Also, you ever played The Last Door? You might enjoy it if you liked this one

  2. you could download an old version of a browser if flash isn't working. A more complicated setup would be to somehow acquire a windows xp iso to use with virtualbox and just dedicate that to having an old browser for flash games

  3. More people should be made aware of this series – it's underrated and deserves the third and final season. It's worth mentioning that Season One did have full music but it was hosted on a different server and when the games were taken down the music was lost.

  4. I remember this game from my early days I was pretty scary to play it back then now I don't need to play it I can watch you play it

  5. Darn it, I miss this stream.. I was glad I could make to the eariler one though!

  6. Steppenwolf is so good! <3 If you don't get a chance to play, I hope you watch it, because the story is good in that one too. Reminds me a bit of Gabriel Knight if you've ever played that series.

  7. I'm a sucker for anything Eldritch related I'll have to play this game now

  8. you know…back in the day I always used to play this, i didn't know English so i didn't even know what's the story is about, so that made me harder for me to get to the end. and the Steppenwolf series, that's another high quality flash game like this one with it's own story, i higly recomend it.

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