Arcane Weapon – Game Walkthrough (all 1-8 fights)

You don’t remember much at beginning of your consciousness. But after grabbing that mysterious weapon, you finally came into senses that you need to battle, here at Arcane Weapon. The task given to you is to defeat each robotic monster. The level goes higher, the stronger the enemy is. Use your set of skills to attack and damage the enemy. Once you have beaten up the opponent, a new one will arise to fight you. To get the edge against them, you must combine the needed skills to use your rage and unleash special attacks. More upgraded skills can be unlocked too when you purchase them in the upgrades menu.


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  1. You don't remember much and all you've got is that weapon with strange powers. But now you've finally come to sense that you need to battle using your Arcane Weapon! The goal here is to challenge each robotic monster line up for you. It will be a battle to the end, so you must win to access the next challenge. The new unlocked opponent will be much stronger than before. Use your set of cool skills to attack the enemy and pick up the gold they will drop. You can also unleash special attacks but they cost Rage points before you can use them.

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