Asus H97 PRO GAMER motherboard Unboxing and Overview

– This newly launched Motherboard from ASUS fits the bill perfect, since it has some unique gaming features and also allows over-clocking of CPU and memory.
– The components used are of high quality found in recently launched series of Z97 motherboards.
– Audio quality is exceptional too.
– Also, I loved the Black-Red theme this motherboard offers.
This is a part of the PC Build Christmas Gaming Edition, that is coming soon.

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  1. Hi, beautiful video loved the effort you put into it, i make similar content.

  2. Can i use this motherboard without a graphics card ? i mean im not aiming for gaming at all im going to use it as a media pc like watching movies and series and stuff

  3. So my Asus H97 – pro gamer mobo didn't come with the seal on the box. Should I be worried?

  4. hey great vid! but I noticed it supports AMD Crossfire only… it doesn't support SLI? noob question probably

  5. Terrible shots of the boar upside down and sideways is not a good angle to view the board.

  6. only memory over clock is supported not the cpu over clock. because that feature comes  with Z series not H series motherboard

  7. I want to use this in a Define R 5 case, which comes with 3-pin fans. Can the 4-pin fan headers on this mobo voltage-control the 3-pin fans automatically?

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