ASUS VG245H Review 2019 |Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

ASUS VG245H Review |Best Gaming Monitor Under 200
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In this video we review the ASUS VG245H which is one of the most popular gaming monitors under 200 dollars on the market this year. We going into details about features and other important information you will likely want to hear about so be sure to watch till the end so you don’t miss anything.


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  1. So pretty much judging by all the comments, if I have a nvidia GPU ( the 1660 Super) I'm screwed?

  2. Bought this monitor 2 years ago. Heavy artifacting and ghosting on both
    Windows and Linux @ 75 Hz, do not recommend. Came with a dead pixel as
    well. My first (and last) TN panel. Do not buy TN panels!

  3. Anyone else notice a faint fuzziness to the screen? For example when I sit at the home screen of my ps4 I can notice some slight fuzziness on the screen.

  4. I wouldn't expect anything less of ASUS. This looks very nice! HOWEVER, I discovered it has no USB ports? GAH!!!

  5. Covid prices lol. Their is no such thing when it comes to monitors sonny!

    Your mixing this up with toilet paper lol.

  6. This review made me want two lol one for the Xb1&PS4, & one for the 360&PS3, great review man! 🤝

  7. Anyone know if you can overclock this monitor to about 120hz

  8. Just bought this monitor for $170….Wanted and needed a 2nd monitor, this will become my primary display, while my 10 year old ViewSonic will be the 2nd…anyway, the the ViewSonic still works great.

  9. Just bought this monitor today for my PS4 and I can tell y’all it’s worth it!

    – Run games such as Fortnite very good
    – Easy to connect to the console (just like a regular TV)
    – Easy to get used to Since I came from a 32 inch Television
    – the response time is amazing
    – Can move Up or down depending on your preference

  10. Purchased this monitor but the Volume is wayyyy too low . I can barely even make out sentences at Max volume on both my CPU and Monitor . Might have to return it

  11. i want to buy this..a guy has it,and i want to buy it from him! the question is: knowing is a TN panel,the view angle how is?? i have an weaker Asus Tn panel is a VP228he and is tremendous ugly monitor when i move a little right or left,up and down…the angle is…pfffff,not good!! this how it is??

  12. I’m comparing this computer vs the BenQ RL2455T…. and I think I’ll go with the Asus

  13. Is blacks ops 4 just an ugly looking game or is there some settings that I can make it look better

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