Avatar: The Last Airbender Game Evolution [2006-2020]

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Game Evolution [2006-2020]
Games List 🧾
0:00 Intro

00:14 Avatar: The Last Airbender [2006]

00:34 Avatar: The Last Airbender DS [2006]

00:55 Avatar: The Last Airbender GBA [2006]

01:16 Avatar: The Last Airbender–The Burning Earth [2007]

01:36 Avatar: The Last Airbender–The Burning Earth DS [2007]

01:57 Avatar: The Last Airbender–The Burning Earth GBA [2007]

02:17 Avatar: The Last Airbender–Into The Inferno [2008]

02:38 Avatar: The Last Airbender–Into The Inferno DS [2008]

02:58 Avatar: The Last Airbender-The Path Of Zuko [2008]

03:18 Avatar: The Last Airbender-Bobble Battles [2008]

03:39 Nicktoons Nitro [2009]

04:00 The Last Airbender [2010]

04:20 The Last Airbender DS [2010]

04:41 Nicktoons MLB [2011]

05:01 The Legend Of Korra [2014]

05:22 The Legend Of Korra: A New Era Begins [2014]

05:43 Avatar: The Last Airbender x Smite Battle Pass [2020]

06:03 Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix [2020]

06:24 Dreams Avatar: The Last Airbender [2020]

06:49 Outro
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