Baby Hazel – Baby Hazel Cinderella Story – Top Baby Games

Baby Hazel – Baby Hazel Cinderella Story – Top Baby Games

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Enjoy the most popular folk tale of Cinderella with Baby Hazel! It is a story of a young girl, named Cinderella, who was living in unfortunate circumstances, which are magically changed to remarkable fortune. This endearing tale features unpleasant attitude of stepmother and stepsisters, a surprising magical transformation of poor Cinderella to the most pretty princess, helpful fairy god-mother, lost glass slipper, prince’s hunt for his friend and lots more.

Awesome game features:
• Help Cinderella to fulfill never-ending demands of her stepmother and stepsisters
• Assist Cinderella in completing the chores so that she can attend the royal ball
• Have fun giving funny makeovers to Cinderella’s stepsisters for giggles
• Tons of royal outfits and accessories to dress up Cinderella for the royal ball
• Enjoy the magical transformations by fairy god-mother to help Cinderella reach the palace
• Go along with Prince to find the owner of a lost glass slipper

What’s inside:
• Dozens of bathing items to bathe Baby Hazel including shampoos, soaps and bathtub toys
• Cool night dresses to dress up Baby Hazel for her bedtime
• Different types of toys to play
• Flavored tea to prepare – milk, cranberry, cocoa
• 20+ delightful accessories including funky glasses, hairstyles, caps and mustaches for funny makeover
• 20+ royal outfits and accessories to try on Hazel including crowns, gowns, pair of earring, necklaces and pair of shoes
• 20+ royal outfits and accessories to help prince look most handsome boy
• Variety of yummy treats and fruit juices to serve at the royal ball
• 6 mini games to earn diamonds! Collect diamonds to buy amazing items
• Spin Fortune Wheel to win surprise gift

So kids, enjoy playing Baby Hazel Cinderella Story game to live a life of Cinderella, full of surprises and magic!

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