Batman Arkham Knight – i3 4150 – 4GB RAM – GTX 750 ti – 1080p

Don’t even try it if you have 4GB of ram, I couldn’t even reach the beginning of the game where you use Batman (the pc froze and shadowplay stopped recording by itself) , I tried using my own savefile and it isn’t playable at all, the controls weren’t responding correctly either while using 4GB of ram (HEAVY stuttering, textures taking WAY longer to load). I tried lower resolutions and settings, and it’s the same result.

Ni siquiera lo intentes si tenés 4GB de ram, no pude ni alcanzar el principio del juego donde jugás como Batman (la pc se congeló unos minutos y shadowplay dejó de grabar por sí solo), intenté usar mi partida guardada y no es jugable en lo absoluto, los controles casi no responden al usar 4GB de ram (MUCHAS caídas de fps por todos lados, mucho stuttering, las texturas demoran mucho más en cargar). Probé menores resoluciones, ajustes gráficos, y es el mismo resultado.

Recorded with shadowplay, without recording I get a 5 FPS boost.

Grabado con Shadowplay, sin grabar tengo alrededor de 5 FPS más.

Intel Core i3 4150 3.5 GHz
4GB RAM DDr3 1600MHz
MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 ti Twin Frozr OC 2GB
Windows 8.1 Pro x64
AsRock H81M-DGS
CoolerMaster GX 750W (too overkill for this build) 450W is enough! (no need for a 6-pin connector in most 750 ti models)

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  1. can window 7 dual core 64 bit 6 gb ram with inter r hd graphics family run batman arkham knight

  2. excuse me ! i have intel(r) core(tm) i3-2100 cpu @ 3.10ghz
    nvidia Gforce GT 710 and 8 GB RAM istalled in my pc. i guess you can tell me if my PC can run batman arkham knight. please tell me if i can run this game without any lags and pixels. i'm desperatly waiting to play this game. when i search for its min requirements it asks for i5 processor and i don't have any idea if my graphic card is strong enough to run this game. i'm curious about more games like = far cry 4, tom clancy's the division, assasins creed (unity/syndicate/origin/odyssy), ghost recon wildlands, hitman 2, mafia 3, red dead redemption 2, witcher 2/3, battlefield 5, COD modern warfare 2019, for honor, horizon zero, the anthem, mad max etc. will someone be so kind enough to help me with my inner child's wishes.? please….

  3. I have ram 4gb, core i3, and Nvidia GeForce MX 230. Can i run the game in low setting. And i if i upgrade my ram to 12 GB with the same VGA is possible play in medium or even high setting?

  4. hello friend can you tell if I can normally play this game on Intel Core i3, 4 GB, Nvidia Geforce mx110

  5. This is old primium run in duel core with gt 710 or 730 is much batter than yours

  6. How can you played it with only 4gb of RAM, while you said don't try to play this game on 4gb RAM? How is that possible you play this game? You only have 4gb of RAM.

  7. The problem is not in GPU, CPU might not be able to keep stable 60fps but it is obvious that 4gb RAM is not enough even for 30

  8. Tried running it on my end, and I received above 60 FPS, but due to the lack of RAM, it acted the same way as yours did.

    My system specs:

    i5-2400 Quad Core @3.2 Ghz
    4 GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM
    GT 1030 2GB GDDR5

    Most of the games I tested ran pretty well with 4 GIGs, but I encountered slight issues with stuttering and all in a few places.


  10. can you still run it if all the graphics options are low? and the resolution too? just asking..

  11. Can i play batman arkham knight
    Asus laptop
    i3 4005u 1.7ghz
    Nvidia 930m 2 gb
    4gb ram

  12. but i was playing this game at 4GB RAM but the resolution is 1280×720 and it's work no Lag

  13. This version, God it was badly optimised, i think it runs better on low end now with patched version.

  14. Hey friend, will you serve me? These are my system requirements.

    Intel(R) Core (TM) i3-4000M CPU @2.40Ghz 4CPUPs.

    Memoria 4GB ram
    Intel HD Graphics 4600

    I hope to answer my friend, regards.

  15. EVGA GTX 950 FTW 2 GB
    Intel i3 6100
    8 GB of ram

    Will I be able to play this in low-medium settings?

  16. you think i could run it well?

    intel i5 650
    gtx 950
    4gb ram

  17. Processor: AMD Athlon ™ II X2 250 Processor 3.00 GHz
    Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB (4.00 GB usable)
    System: 64-bit operating system
    Can i run this game?

  18. You wanna play on Full HD resolution 1080×1920 w/ a 4GB RAM and wanna good FPS?! WTF! Lower your resolution for 1280×720, maybe the game runs smothly.

  19. hi i have pc with processeur dual core e5400 and 4gb ram and gtx 950 msi gaming 2gb …but when i play the game i have the same lag … plz what can i do ?

  20. i have intel core i3 4gb ram and 1gb radeon HD 7750 ddr5 can i run knight on lower settings

  21. hey,can i play it with 4gb ram on 800×600 resolution with lowest graphics settings?

  22. Sooooooo can it really play at 4gb?Great,I am gonna buy this.

  23. WoW, i can play this game Smoothly with 30 – 35 fps with my 4Gb RAM, sometimes lags a bit. :p

  24. i run the game at 4GB RAM E7500 and GTX 750 TI OC 2GB and the game runs OK i mean at the start that was UNPLAYABLE
    but when i turn off some options at INI its runs OK and i enjoy the game what cause the HEAVY stuttering its the frame caps its not only the cap of 30FPS its the game is setup to run between 5FPS to 30 FPS and i change at to 24-62 and some options of smoothFPS and the MaxDeltaTime of the game change it to 0.0 and make bAllowD3D9MSAA=True its was False Change AllowOpenGL=False to AllowOpenGL=True and MotionBlurSkinning to 0, and MobilePostProcessBlurAmount to 0.0 and go to the nvidia driver and do prerenderedtextures to 1 and AO to 16 from 4…. i play at this setting : (im not using BETA patch 2 sep

    Texture Resolution – LOW
    Shadow Quality – LOW (who cares )
    Level Of Detail- HIGH

    and all gameworks OFF
    i just turn on Enhanced Rain (actually they don't port it from the PS4 version so its don't matter on or off coz the port do not include the effects.

    the Batmobile is playable but sometimes its little Stuttering i hope i helped some of you who have 4GB of RAM and old PC .

    ENJOY i through the game 2 times maybe more couple of hours i upload benchmark result

  25. que recomendarias mas 4-6-8 ram ? como irian los juegos con 6 pd tengo el mismo pc , bueno eso comprare en un mes o algo asi xd

  26. Hola amigo, puedes hacer un video comparando el rendimiento de este juego en 1080p y 720p.

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