Battle of Winterfell Begins | Game of Thrones S08E03

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 (2019) The Long Night
Scene: Battle of Winterfell Begins

Episode Storyline: The Night King and his army have arrived at Winterfell and the great battle begins.

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  1. I mean motherfuckers are cavalry, how the hell are you supposed to defend a city with only cavalry?

  2. why all the commentaries are so bad? soorry but for me this battle is epic, when you see all the light gradually dying out, it's epicccc. For sure i'm okay about he fact that this season has been sloppy beacause they could have done 2 seasons instead of one and that the death of the night king was arrived too early in the season. but this part of the battle is not bad, i remember when i saw it, i was so excited!!!

  3. Its not even dark, turn the brightness all the way up they edited the screen black in some spots, thats not darkness thats literally edited black bars nothing is there.

  4. Dude… just having trebuchets doesn’t make your battle cool….

    Well… maybe a little bit but NOT REALLY!

  5. It would be better to compare battle of bastards with helms deep not this trash….👿👿😡

  6. The charge was a thing of beauty. The cinematography, choreography and final execution of the scene were stunning although a tad bit dark lol but understandable. All the cast and crew spent 55 nights filming this and took months and over two to three years to build the set, put all the special effects not just cg but real world, costumes, props, training, stunts, the eye watering and painstaking level of detail, storyboarding. It really is an outstanding achievement.

  7. It's cute how the Dothraki go first and pretty much the entire race gets wiped out. Funny how that went. 🤨 And how did Ghost survive?

  8. Say what you want about the episode, the buildup to the battle and the music the whole episode is perfect. The only problem I have is definitely the dorthaki charging into the dark

  9. sending the dothraki to die was a great idea to build the tension and sense of hopelessness, but damn the rest of the episode went to shit and the season was hot garbage

  10. Idk if it’s just me but the soundtrack at the beginning of season 8 episode 3 when they were preparing was really good imo

  11. Granted, its visually a stunning scene. It made little sense but the charge and the death of the dothraki had impact.

  12. While I didn't like that the dothraki were sent first you have to admit, watching the swords extinguish was powerful imagery.
    After season upon season of showing how for the lack of a better word "badass" the dothraki were, to have them snuffed out in seconds put into perspective how powerful the dead really were.
    I'm not defending the writing, I'm just pointing out how they showed the gravity of the situation

  13. U guys need to understand that this war is happening in the long night when there is no light,the sun never rises and darkness overwhelms everything. The darkness also brings about a sense of fear in the viewers and this allows us to feel the fear the soldiers have. Imagine not being able to see anything but an entire Dothraki,the wildest fighters in the world,suddenly get stopped in their tracks. Imagine suddenly hearing screams and weird noises in the distance. If they were to have made the show brighter it wouldn’t even be scary,it would just look like every other war movie. In my opinion,if it wasn’t this dark,I wouldn’t have enjoyed it

  14. Harry Potter gets so darker with each movie that you can't see what's happening during night
    People: genius , brilliant, epic

    Got does the same
    People: what a piece of crap

  15. I can't see anything!!! Its to dark! 100 Million Budget 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  16. Cavalry is for flanking and running down routing enemies. And why the hell would they meet a larger enemy force outside their fortifications.

  17. This battle could have been so much better during the daytime and better planning. Pathetic.

  18. You have to have some serious balls or ovaries to stand up when you see the dead coming.

  19. Why is this season aliens vs predators 2 level of darkness? Their ain't no moonlight in the north?!

  20. Brienne of Tarth is always screaming and yelling ughhhhhhhh!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! Ughhhhhhh!!!!! I get beat up all the time but I’m constantly save by a one handed king slayer who I mock openly and say I’m better then

  21. Everyone talk about Jon plot armor, but Jorah plot armor in this scene is just insane. Dude was on the first line, how did he survive that shit should be studied by NASA.

  22. White Walkers should’ve been more involved. What the hell were they doing the whole time?

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