Bejeweled 3 Game Trailer – Coming Soon!


  1. bejeweled 3 is genuinely the most majestic game i have ever played and it will hold a special spot in my heart for many years to come

  2. Fuck candy crush. This is the OG.
    Thank you popcap for making my childhood less miserable 🙂

  3. People have to keep in mind that this game is for people with mental disorders.

  4. I hate how Candy Crush ripped off this game and got a hell load of praise. That game is extremely overrated.
    Bejeweld games are so much better.

  5. 10 years?, I thought bejeweled came out in 2001? then you remember DIAMOND MINE FROM 2000!

  6. I taught my mama how to use computer, and the first videogame that she played was Bejeweled 3. The second one was more complicated – Portal. She likes puzzle games 🙂 One day she'll play Killing Floor 2 (I hope) :DD

  7. Ahh… a time before Electronic Arts. A time before the modern mobile puzzle game. A time before in-app purchases, big business, and boring gimmicks had to come around and ruin everything.
    This is, and forever will be, the best puzzle game. Period.

  8. Omg I can never get used to this trailer, but i'm loving it!!!! Go PopCap! Ur doing great with Bejeweled!!

  9. @DSnWiiRocks yeah. It's been 1 year and I still love this trailer 😀

  10. So what happened to this game? Both Bejeweled 2 and 3 are no longer on the app store, now there's just a Bejeweled with no numbers on it, but it's brand new…

    So what happened? Did Popcap go bust or something?

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