Best Game Hacking Tweaks for iOS 13 (jailbroken devices only)(2020)

In this video guys I am going to show you the best hacking tweaks for hacking games for iOS 13 jailbroken devices and also I am going to show you the repos for each one of the hacked tweaks for modifying games for fun. I will leave the repos in the description of this video for all the hacked tweaks I shared in this video today. Also these hacks are useful if your into jailbreaking your iOS devices. Should already have therepo for gamGem guys, because if you Jailbreak your device, cydia has it as one of the main repos. Hope you guys like this video and please don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this one.👎👍🤮🙀🤒

Localiapstore Repo for iOS 13:
GameGem Repo for iOS 13:
MyIapCracker2 Repo for iOS 13:
Tw3ha Repo for iOS 13:
Arab Hack Repo for iOS 13:

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Best Game hacking tweaks for iOS 13:
New ipa site to install jailbroken apps:
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How to remove checkra1n Jailbreak no pc:
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😁Time Stamps to help you guys understand😁
0:33 – Beginning of video
1:37 – Step 1 of video
3:33 – First Tweak in video
7:10 – Second Tweak in video
10:28 – Speed optimizer tool for subway surfers
11:29 – Playing subway surfers with speed tool form GameGem
13:16 – MyIapCracker2 Step 3
14:32 – MyIapCracker2 tool tweak
15:33 – Tw3ha tweak in settings app
17:34 – End of video
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  1. Ich bin aufrichtig froh, dass ich den besten Hacker für alle meine Kreditkartenschulden getroffen habe … Er ist auch anfällig für das Hacken aller Arten von sozialen Anwendungen, Handelssignalen, PayPal-Hacks und vielem mehr. Sie können ihn auf

  2. Keep it up! U just need some editing and maybe talk. But this was really helpfull. I’m subscribing

  3. Just so you guys know, Localiapstore and mytopcracker2 are illegal. Idk about the other one.

  4. thanks for the vid ,i have apps give me points and i used it now i want to get this points again local tweak is not working with it i try slice to downlaod it from another account and still not getting the points i m thinking about dublicate the app but i dont know if this well work ,so i need your help please

  5. When I search up GameGem and Flex 3 (The ones I need) in my search bar, they don’t pop up, what do i do?

  6. Don’t use Cyrus anymore it’s harmful it said it’s not trusted

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