Best Nightcore Mix 2018 ✪ 1 Hour Special ✪ Ultimate Nightcore Gaming Mix #12

The Ultimate Special Nightcore Gaming Mix with the most epic beats and greatest Nightcore

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Animated Wallpapers:

Artwork by ことり


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• Note: Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists.
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  1. ♫ Tracklist:
    00:00 「Nightcore」→ So Sing – Loving Caliber
    02:32 「Nightcore」→ Stick Together – Elias Naslin feat. Lucy & Elbot, Elijah N
    05:25 「Nightcore」→ Elias Naslin ft. Ms K – La La (Singin' Like)
    07:51 「Nightcore」→ Let Me Go – Loving Caliber
    10:38 「Nightcore」→ Only Me – Mondays feat. Agnes Berger
    13:47 「Nightcore」→ Slacker's Anthem – Elias Näslin
    16:41 「Nightcore」→ Working On You – Sture Zetterberg
    19:35 「Nightcore」→ Fighter – Loving Caliber
    22:33 「Nightcore」→ Faster Car – Loving Caliber feat. Anders Lystell & Michael Stenmark
    25:53 「Nightcore」→ Say We're Sorry – Loving Caliber
    28:49 「Nightcore」→ Breathless – Ramin
    31:32 「Nightcore」→ Eyes On Me – Kalle Engström
    34:47 「Nightcore」→ Left In Me – Ray
    38:47 「Nightcore」→ I'll Get Over You – Loving Caliber
    41:37 「Nightcore」→ Move Your Body – Loving Caliber
    44:48 「Nightcore」→ Breeze On Me – Simon Gribbe feat. Lauren Dunn
    47:28 「Nightcore」→ So Emotional – Loving Caliber
    50:16 「Nightcore」→ Stay (Wide Open) – Loving Caliber
    53:34 「Nightcore」→ These Feelings Won't Go Away – Loving Caliber
    57:08 「Nightcore」→ We're Out Of Time – Vacancy
    59:50 「Nightcore」→ Looking For Love – Aldenmark Niklasson
    ~ Enjoy !!

  2. when i hear this i remember my childhood i know im still 14 but i miss old times im literally about to cry right now thanks to you that make our days better with your music

  3. Just stumbled into Nightcore. I LOVE some of these songs. Is there any way to my get hands on the MP3s? I don't know the legal barriers. TOTALY WILLING TO BUY. I don't want to break any laws. I would love to add some songs to my cell phone playlist. Just playing it on youtube is a huge drain on my battery and I don't get my other music mixed in.

  4. I listened to this song everyday since 2018 and this gives me super nostalgia cuz id listen to it for like 6 or 7 hours everyday. I listened while first getting into drawing, first getting into anime, and playing roblox. I just found out the picture was from Tokyo 7th Sisters rhythm game and it was gonna get an adaption this year but covid-19 delayed it 🙁

  5. Im listening to this while
    doing homework
    writing in my diary
    playing games
    reading mangas or manhwas

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