Big Game, Big Money: Inside the illegal wildlife trade

Read the FT’s special report on the illegal wildlife network

Filmed in Vietnam and South Africa, the FT’s Alec Russell investigates the multi-billion dollar illegal trade in rare animal parts and reports on the latest efforts to crack the criminal networks that are driving endangered animals to extinction.

Filmed by Steve Ager, Karen Landsberg, Greg Bobillot. Graphics by Russell Birkett. Colour grading by Rory Cantwell. Written by Alec Russell. Produced and edited by Seb Morton-Clark.

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  1. Said it a lot of times doesn't matter who they are chop off their finger and toe and any maybe one or two other bits and leave them in the bush diplomatic poacher dealer whoever they are.. I would place a bet you would not have to do this more than half a dozen times and paoching would end… then the money that goes into protecting endangered species can be distributed among the poorer people and you het them immediately on your side. And well done Thu Minh

  2. This just popped up in my recommendation this morning and I bought Gorilla’s in the mist earlier this week.

    Coincidence, I think not!
    But should I be concerned about this?

  3. It is so sad to hear them talk about the white rhinos when now, in 2019 only two Northern White Rhinos exist today and both are female.

  4. What people need is education. Believing a myth without evidence is really the cause of the problem here

  5. China, Vietnam and North Korea are big enemies of our wild animals,, they are supporting and promoting rhino killing and rhino horn smuggling.

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