Black iPhone 8 Unboxing & First Impressions!

Quick unboxing of Apple’s Space Gray iPhone 8 and my first impressions. The iPhone 8 has some slightly different physical features that improve upon the design and add some new features like wireless charging.

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  1. Why Dosen't this have 2 cameras? Oh maybe i have iphone 8 pro or whatever Which is why i have 2 cameras?

  2. Just ordered mine! Coming in 3-5 business days! So exited 😚❤️ binge watching unboxing vids of iPhone 8

  3. im sorry but the 8 is not worth it. I think a 7 is perfectly fine for you, I got an 8 plus and i dropped it from like 2 feet and the glass in the back broke, but if you don’t trust yourself with having the back made out of glass just get a 7 or a 6

  4. I ordered one which feels like an eternity ago but it’s only been a day and it’s here in a week sooo let’s just say it’s gonna be a tough week(upgrading from iPod)

  5. Who else is bing watching vids because they are getting an iPhone 8 the next day😂

  6. I've been on the Android train for far 2 long, but eventually, all x Android users end up getting an iPhone 🤷🏽‍♂️

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