Black iPhone X Unboxing and First Impressions!

Quick unboxing of Apple’s Space Gray iPhone X and my first impressions. The iPhone X radically different physical features that improve upon the design and add some new features like face-id, an OLED display, and wireless charging.

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  1. I liked and will prefer the space grey colour 💥💥🖤🖤✨✨

  2. I wanted a red iPhone X but my family can’t afford so I got a 7 and I’m great full! But I would of loved this phone 😩

  3. Does iphone X has an aluminium body or stainless steel body?

  4. بري حال الي مايعرف انقليزي مثلي كلهم يهرجون انقليزي مار عطيتهم هالكلام الملاعين 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I love black phones but they show so many finger prints. Before buying a phone I always ask myself which phone would James Bond use? The flashy white one of the sleek black? He would use the black.

  6. I got the space grey iPhone X because I saved up my money and I got it this Saturday just gone the iPhone X in space grey looks awesome

  7. ordered the silver hopefuly i get it, i have to wait 5 days though, not happy about that

  8. White back looks beter but only the back white glass they shoud have made the glass only white and the accents black and the sides

  9. This black iPhone X is my dream phone. I also love the YouTuber Denis, and he has a case for the iPhone X. So if I ever get an iPhone X, I'm gonna see if I can order one of those cases and put it on it. I looks really cool.

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