Black Siri | Gabriel Iglesias


  1. Dude, talking about a black iPhone being really **black**.

    Meanwhile, 8 years into the future….

  2. Mendiga mantecosa hija del DIABLO,
    Puras estupideces habla💩
    Y los idiotas se ríen 🤮

  3. Funfact:he was a cast member
    Of all that during the later season.
    Guess he didn't have a good run
    Cause he never mentions it

  4. A better time when people could ACTUALLY take jokes. These replies on the top comments rn..

  5. I am a certified language teacher. This man is a language master. Just retired from teaching French to English high school kids for 25 years. I'm also certified to teach English. Point is, I'm a linguist. This man possesses one of the clearest, most precise speech I've ever heard. Keep on rockin' Fluffy.

  6. You are just too dam cute and so charismatic and of course funny as hell!

  7. Is this one of them places where if you don't laugh, they'll stop serving you free alcohol?

  8. Wow i thought he was dead so im really happy to find out hes NOT congrats bro on NOT being dead love ur comedy

  9. It you did a black siri I would buy whichever phone It came on

  10. Lmao 🤣 👍🏼 one word….Awesome.!! Hilarious Martiiiiiiine’ n Fluffy ✌️🤘🧈🧀🏈🍟🥙🤪🤓👍🏼😋….ohhh, n Cheers 🍻 too, now, here’s a diaper for Martiiiiine. 😆 💦 📲

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