Bomb It Full Gameplay Walkthrough


  1. Here's The Item Guide For Bomb It
    Bomb-1 Extra Bomb

    Potion-Your Bombs Blast Range Will Be Bigger

    Shoe-Faster Moving Speed

    Glove-Launch Bombs(Wont Work If Theres 2 Bombs Next To Each Other)

    Crystals-If An Enemy Touches Them While You Shoot Them Then They'll Be Unable To Move For A Couple Of Seconds

    Fire-Shoot Flames That Wipe Out Anything(Not Items)

    Pink Stun Can-You Can Place These Down And If A Enemy Touchs Them They'll Be Slowed Down For A Couple Of Seconds

    Shield-You Can Take An Extra Hit
    Just Dont Get Hit Again

    Minebombs-You Can Place These Down And If An Enemy Moves On Them They'll Be Wiped Out Be Careful! You Can Also Fall Into Your Own Traps! They Can Also Be Destroyed By Bombs

    Rocket Launcher-You Can Shoot These To Wipe Out Enemys Or Blocks

    Throwble Grenades-You Can Throw These Over 1 Block Walls To Get To Areas You Cant Reach And Wipe Out Enemys Too

    Extra Life-You Can Pick These Up To Gain An Extra Life Useful For When Your Low On Lifes

  2. I have been searching this games for a long time on sites. Finally got it. Imagine my euphoria to replay this.

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