Boot settings for M.2 ssd in ASUS h97 PRO GAMER motherboard


  1. This guy saved my money, I thought my M.2 Ssd was disfunctional xD thx my man

  2. How come my bios doesn’t show that “M.2 PCIe mode”? I have H97M plus. I have no problem before, but after I flashed updated the bios, the M.2 is not listed in boot options. I have to manually click the “boot f8” in lower left to enable booting to m.2. Help please thanks!

  3. Hi bro< Im using Asus Z97 pro wifi motherboard with a NVIDIA GTX970 graphics card ,Is it compatible with Samsung 970 evo?

  4. Hi, I have a Z97-PRO GAMER and I don't know if this mainboard supports nVME drives. Asus says No, but I'm seeing it installed everywhere; Could you please help me?

  5. So I bricked my OC and had to clear cmos

    After this my NVMe drive disserpeared, you help me get it back. So thank you

  6. fresh unformatted M.2 drive do not have any other drive connected change to M.2 mode and it should just work, that is how I got my 970 evo to work on my old H- 97 M plus.

  7. Mine still doesnt detect my m.2 any help? Im using a b450-f gaming and windows is already installed on it

  8. wohoooooo you REALLY have 1.5v in your memory??? WOOOHOOO!!! This will create many problems!!!! Lower that voltage man!!!!

  9. Still can't make it happen. I'm using an Intel 660p 500GB M.2 NVMe. All the settings are as in the video. The mobo if OK, because I can boot from a SATA M.2 and the NVMe is OK, cause is works perfectly on another mobo. Compatibility issue?

  10. hi, could you tell me which type of ssd is that samsung 970 evo? is it m.2 sata or m.2 nvme?

  11. I say, you have the other drive connected to your SATA6G_4…

    Do you know that according to the manual, precisely M.2 Socket 3 shares its bandwidth with SATA6G_4?…

  12. would i have to do this again if i just upgrade my WD/Black M.2 Drive from the 250GB to a 500GB ?? or just do the windows installation? Great video 👍🏼its been a while since i did this i forgot, LOL.i know you have to mess around with the Setting in the Bios to get ur M.2 Drive to be recognized it can be a headache the first time of installation, that's why i am going to keep this video on my favorite videos List to remember in case i want to do new PC Build. One more question i see you have 3 fans going in Bios, mine only has the CPU spinning, not the other 2, But all work fine on my PC, just asking how did you get them to spin in the Bios 0:41

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