Bounce Extreme: Genico/35cm Games vs. Vu Son Ha

I am so sorry for not telling you the name of the developer who developed the poorly developed Bounce Extreme game (that is Vu Son Ha).

Anyway, I’m comparing a succesful Bounce game with a problematic Bounce game.

Also, Differences 7 and 8: The Non-Genico/35cm Games version has the “Pop!” sprite moving whereas the Genico/35cm Games version does not. And the Non-Genico/35cm Games version lets you jump multiple times in the air.

I am also sorry for such a white line in one of the phones’ screen. I should use a *screen protector.*

You should not buy the Vu Son Ha version of Bounce because **cough cough** Level 9 is broken because the developer is not professional. That makes it impossible to complete the game. Thumbs down to Vu Son Ha. 👎

This video serves as a guide to buy the good apps, for example: Bounce Extreme. 🙂


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