Boxed iPhone 5 Running IOS 6.0.2 16GB

My iPhone 5 running IOS 6.0.2 with original box. This is my second iPhone 5 running IOS 6.
iPhone Playlist:

Background Music:
Miles Away – Okzide


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  1. What is his obsession with Ariana grande. Like, seriously, I swear that’s the only wallpaper he has on his stuff

  2. iPhone 5 sucks ._. iPhone SE is beast I think i have been using it more than my 7 plus…

  3. The iPhone 5 in United States uses the same charger as every other phone so when I looked at this video I was wondering why the box was so thick for the iPhone!!

  4. I love the style of this phone currently using a 256 gb jet black 7 Plus

  5. Easy money – buy iphone , never open 3-4 years later sell for double with stock ios 😛

  6. An elderly man.. That explains why its running iOS 6! 😀

  7. Hello! I have an iPhone 5s Gold running iOS 7.1.2 and another Space Grey 5s running 8.4.1 that is shattered. Would you be interested in buying these devices from me.

  8. How does everyone find these phones? Every time I see an iPhone 5 for sale on eBay with iOS 6 shown in the pic, I message the seller to see if it's still running iOS 6 and they usually tell me it's been updated or it runs something newer 🙁

    Haven't seen a sealed phone in ages (except one with a sketchy looking box) so I can't go that route

  9. There's no point running iOS 6/7 you can't use any apps with them

  10. Nice bro!!! I have a slate iphone 5 on ios 7.1.2 i got from ebay in a lot of 8 phones and 2 accessories which only costed $18

  11. My dream phone was an iPhone 5 64 gb white, because I don't like black (no racism intended)

  12. It’s sad how the elderly can keep phones looking brand new but with me look like a train ran over it

  13. You got lucky with this phone it looks almost brand new and iOS 6 runs amazing on the iPhone 5

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