Boxhead:The Nightmare hack tutorial ( cheat engine )

money or “Boins” hack: while in game, search for the amount of boins you have, kill a baddie, grab money, repeat till you have 2 adress, change the address value to what you want, kill another baddie, grab the money and there you go.

Ammo hack: search your amount of ammo while in game, when you get down to one address, finish the round and change the value to what you want. Freeze the value and everytime you will go to upgrade shop, it will instantly reload your weapon.

wave/round/level hack: start the game, search the round you’re on, kill baddies. repeat this until you have 1 address left, change the address value to what you want and it will change when you’re in upgrade shop

Score multiplier: search for the score multiplier value till you get 2 adress, change it’s value to what you want ( max 999 ) and freeze the value.


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  1. ty it works….btw it is so easy just go to chrome://memory or prress shift+esc and then look at the pid or whatever it is then change it to hex so when you got it it is the process you need so it works for me 110%

  2. Google chrome as many processes ( In my case, in cheat engine, it was displaying 3 Google Chrome processes ) All you gotta do is try with each process to find which one is the one with the flash plugin.

  3. Hey mate, I'll install Google Chrome + latest cheat engine again, and I'll test it for you.

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