Card Trick Reading Mind (Optical Illusion)


  1. Well I've tried it a second time and it worked, I might have been thinking differently or something idk.

  2. I have tried this many times in the past, my cards that I picked were gone every time except for today, because I was thinking of king of clubs and the king of clubs was still there, it wasent gone from the cards they showed me.

  3. What is the name of this trick? How can I pull it off handling a deck of cards

  4. did it on a cellphone and selected no cards… then there were no cards missing at the end; can you explain that, is there some kind of computer programming
    shinanagans going on

  5. All the cards are different, if you don't spot it right away you might need to be on meds.

  6. If you remember all the cards you will see that all are different one and it works with whatever crad you choose. If i am right like my comment.

  7. It's simple … K's , Q's and J's not same card type and same colour … Make illusion very simple to make because K's spade and love

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