Challenger Player's Settings and Hotkeys – (League of Legends)

My Challenger Settings and Hotkeys, it’s time to show you the best Settings and Hotkeys in League of Legends. I’m a Challenger League of Legends veteran and these are my Hotkeys and Settings.
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  1. In the new version, where in the setting I can find the color blind mode? I really can't find it. Please help.
    Currently practicing Singed.

  2. "I hit Challenger this season" instantly becomes a much smaller achievement if you also add "while onetricking Evelynn", so I understand why you left that out.

  3. Ive been playing for a week and a half but find myself struggling. this vid helps me so much, the attack move tip helps me by a lot

  4. I'm left eye dominate but I'm used to the mini map on the right, is it better to change?

  5. Great Video… But one question: Do you use mouse acceleration?

  6. 5:08 if you have a 60hz monitor and put ur frames higher than 144 your character can do some weird ghosting when moving.

  7. This was so helpful cause I kept clicking a millimetre away from the enemy and running into them as a squishy support.

  8. I like the auto attack option when engaging but last hitting makes it annoying. If there is a way to toggle the auto attack function please let me know.

  9. I can't believe you didn't add the setting for last hitting minions with say A in the keyboard

  10. which button or how is named that setting that you can aim/show where you can auto attack ?

  11. At the end, the "Treat 'Target Champions Only" as a toggle" option can be very useful for those that use something like attack move click. You keybind "Target Champions Only" in the abilities section (I think that ' is the default keybind), then if you have that toggle option on it will only allow you to hit enemy champions and nothing else with you auto attacks. So it prevents those accidental minion or turret hits with that option, then after you're done fighting just press your keybind again to proceed as normal. Very useful for ADC mains, especially on-hit effect adcs (aka vayne).

  12. The only reason it takes 6 seconds to alt+tab back while on Fullscreen is because you don't have the right settings for your videocard/monitor, mine only takes a second or less.

  13. the damn camera acceleration was screwing me over so bad i thought it was my mouse settings drove me crazy for a whole season

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