Clean Up Your iPhone or iPad IN UNDER 10 MINUTES!!!

Out of space?!?! Today David’s showing you how to clean up your iPhone or iPad in UNDER 10 MINUTES! No 3rd party software! Just a bunch of easy tricks that anyone can use to clear off some space on your iPhone or iPad.


Let us know how much space you got back in the comments!!! Thx!

Today we are going over a bunch of simple tips and tricks to get you back some space on your iPhone or iPad. This class was taught on March 18, 2018 on an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.2.

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  1. 16 GB reclaimed!! Thanks for the info…I was so frustrated. Mine was mainly deleting the deleted photos and old messages!

  2. Omg I had used 60GB out of 64 but I had 400 things in recently deleted so I cleaned it out and now I only used 37GB thank you

  3. Thank you. I went from 36.5/64 to 33.1 of 64. Every bit helps. Couldn’t find the voicemail delete key in my phone app tho…

  4. I got rid of other storage from another video but the my system files doubled and is taking up all my gigs can anybody pls help me

  5. I am angry that nobody has done a video about the thing that just automatically deletes stuff and it is super annoying I can’t stop it

  6. This was very helpful thank you very much I appreciate you taking the time to explain all of this technical crap to me

  7. Excellent slow, illustrations very good, it was easy to lean from you. THANKS -FOR YOUR HELP/ : – )

  8. Other or photos is not my problem, I have media and it takes up 14gb but I have no idea what media is, I don't have anything on my iPad

  9. Hi, very useful thanks. But in my iPhone storage “other” takes up around 70% of the memory. What is this and how do I clear it to make more space?

  10. I have 1.4 GB available before the video, I’ll edit it after.

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