Comparing GameStop to Pawn Shop Video Game Prices!!! Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo Wii

Trying to find a pawn shop with prices on their video games is as tough as finding a good gaming partner. Although we didn’t find too many games with prices, it didn’t seem to matter since GameStop crushed those pawn shop prices on nearly everything. One thing to note on pawn shops is that they do tend to carry Xbox original and PS2 games that GameStop no longer carries.

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  1. Hell Naw! Pawn shop beats everyone! Im buying all ps4 games for cheap at pawn shops! Good ones too!

  2. The EZ Pawn by my job has all PS3 games for $5 each and most PS4 games for $10 each. I got GTA 5 and Mortal Kombat XL for $10 each and I got a NCAA Football 14 which retails for $54.99 at gamestop for $5

  3. In the philippines we dont allow trade ins or buy used or preowned games in the shop XD we have to buy the new games but yeah thats life XD

  4. This is so stupid, this is like comparing a super market to a clothing store.

  5. EZ Pawn in Abilene sells PS3/360 games for $1.50 each, PS2/Xbox for 1.00 each, and PS4/XboxOne for $10.00 each

  6. Pwan stores rarely test their systems, nor do they do a factory format. As for the games, they sell in any condition. I assume they reference ebay's highest cost then say "we are cheaper then ebay." because why look any further when most people who come to buy retro games at these stores do the exact same thing. As for rummage sales, that bubble popped in the late 90's early 2000's I wont bother looking in my area. Flea markets where ok, but most games are in poor condition as it's been bleaching in the sun. Gamestop has been a good deal for me as they at least clean out your used system and most times buy and sell back games that actually work. Some smaller retro stores that has a large base of movies don't even check if the carts are clean or work and often if they have it resurface disks without testing as many of these disks may already had a few layers taken off before. It's a mixed bag, pawn shows have been good for xbox 360's for under 40 but the condition has varied I got a nice PS4 on the outside then I played god of war and I heard the fan more then the game. I opened the system and found stains (soda or coffee on the bottom) and the fan caked in brown dust that smelled like old cigarettes..I returned it and got a new one for just 40 dollars more…worth it since it's new just for a little more. Like other people on here, it depends where you live and the popularity of retro games. I remember when goodwill had games for cheap…then I saw games in the glass for over 100 dollars. Some moron got a complete nes final fantasy for 100 since it was gone a month later. that game for under 5 dollars years back….but before the retro market was a thing. The further you go from a major city the cheaper the games and systems are…but the market, availability and quality is also weak. What happened to the 10-20 dollar WIi's at 20 dollars at gamestop now around 80 or so…

  7. It’s a difficult subject. Depends on region for GameStop also. But from my experience it mainly depends on store to store. Most of the time GameStop has some real real good prices. Right now you can get some real good titles at GameStop for like $3-10. Pawn shops will never go that low. BUT I’ve also seen some pawn shops wanna just get rid of the piles of games so bad that they will blow it out for a real cheap lot price. But most of the time pawn shops payed for those games and want more than wha they payed for in order to make money (just like GameStop) but the difference is GameStop has huge surplus of games in the warehouse so they can afford to have sells on games and do the buy 2 get one free pretty often. Pawn shops won’t do that.

  8. Try the pawn shops on Fredericksburg road, starting from 410 all the way down to zarzamora. There is 5 on that route.

  9. Those pawn shop prices were very old from 2016 pawn shop is always best in my opinion compared to game stop u could always work out deals on the prices especially if ur a regular customer I found alot of great deals threw out the years of collecting buying at pawnshops

  10. this one pawn shop I go to I get Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 2 for a dollar

  11. Do E3 footage, good gameplay videos with facecam and good games, and keep on doing the thrift/flea/yard sale video but keep reviews like once a month or every 2 months

  12. Do you making gaming videos. It seems like you got the right equipment like the face cam but you got a screencaster?

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