Console Esports Pro Gaming Monitor for PS4 | ASUS VG245h

Trying Official Console Esports Gaming Monitor for PS4 – ASUS VG245h Gaming Monitor for console Esports / PS4 Gaming

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  1. @john i need a new monitor for ps5 but theres no competitive hdmi 2.1 monitors releasing before ps5. i want 120hrs native 1ms 1080p freesync 😥can you do a best ps5 monitors video after they annonce specs?

  2. Can you enable Freesync on this monitor without having to use a PC?

  3. Hey, was wondering if anyone could help me. I just bought a VG248QE. I know that this monitor is 144hz, but is it a bad idea to play the PS4 pro on a 144 hz monitor such as this one. Probably a stupid question, but this is my first monitor. If you can play on this monitor, will I have to change my settings regarding Hz to have smooth gameplay. The reason I bought this monitor and not the 75hz one is because the PS5 will be coming out in the next year or so and so having a 60 or 75 hz monitor won't get you your moneys worth on a next gen console.

  4. Why leave trace free on your monior at 60 when u can raise it up to 100. I thought trace free increases your screen draw time according to tom hardware website. I have a asus vg248qz.

  5. I have this & its the best thing I’ve brought, will probably be upgrading on it soon for ps5 & my new pc build!

  6. If you have Xbox get the 120hz one I have it but I can't remember the model I want to say acer nitro the ips panel 27 inch

  7. Is this monitor good for apex legends when it comes to seeing players easily at far distances?

  8. I have a 4k asus and the black levels on that are bit rubbish aswel like you said seeing camping noobs in dark corners lol

  9. I’ve had this monitor for a year already and I still can’t tell what freesync looks like when it’s on or off.

  10. Imagine buying an 75Hz monitor for ps4 gaming when you can't get constant 60 fps in game.

  11. Any idea what the best settings for the ASUS VE248Q monitor are ? I’ve looked online and haven’t found any good settings for gaming

  12. i mean you still capped too 60fps soooo dosent matter if you have a moniter pretty much usless if you dont have gaming pc

  13. I still ❤️my BenQ RL2460 is it still better then the monitor in the video because I had the BenQ RL2460 for about two years and started having problems I believe it’s a defective because when I turn on the screen shows no image I had to turn the monitor on and off or switch the HDMI settings it gets really annoying I try unplugging the power cord and HDMI on the monitor and still have the same problem.
    Lucky I bought warranty!
    I really don’t know if I should buy this Asus monitor or replace my BenQ and get the same model.

  14. Hi John Glasscock I've been gaming on regular tv for years now. I was wondering if I buy a 144hz monitor and connect my console to it will I get all the hz or will I only get 60hz? And if I only get 60hz is it possible to get 144hz from just using my console to monitor? Can anyone help me before I buy a monitor. Thanks! 🙌

  15. I have this and was looking to buy the benq el2870u is it worth it

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