Demon Slayer | Sleeping Zenitsu Attack

The animation in this scene is seriously so cool!⚡⚡⚡⚡

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  1. The fact that this probably means you can upgrade or fuel more possibilities for the different breathing form attacks are really interesting

  2. If season 2 come and zenitsu bacame OP

    3rd form! Lightning thunder!
    Zenitsu slashes trough a thick wall
    8th form! Zapping Lazer!
    His lightning appearance became blue and as fast as light

  3. Everyone : Zenitsu
    Me : Zetsu
    "Silhouette Start Playing"

  4. Zenitsu: falls asleep
    Literally every demon he's against with: ah sh*t here we go again

  5. Watch the kid behind zenitsu at 1:34. The level of detail put into this show is incredible

  6. Jeez, I can't imagine how much more of a monster he would've been if he could use all the other forms at this level

  7. Man what is sleeping zenitsu learned all the breathing moves for thunder breathing sleeping zenitsu would be so op

  8. everyone gangsta until zenitsu turns into Thomas the tank engine

  9. So he be sleeping in the forest the whole time before passing the test? Okay that's why he passed

  10. Everybody gangsta until they find 13297459 meme comments on every Zenitsu video.

  11. I wish I could be OP while sleeping. My lame human body can bearly wake up while unconscious.

  12. bruh if i see someone sleep in class with blone hair i aint gonna bother him

  13. Did you know that Zenistu voice actor is the same as Dabi in My Hero Academia. I was really surprised at first because Zenistu and Dabi got two whole different personalities.

  14. Zenitsu when he sees a demon: Sleeps.
    Also Zenitsu to demon: Why are you running???

  15. Villain: Yes I killed the Maine character

    Villian: SHiT I knew it I hate my fucking life I should of just left him
    Also villain: * takes his sword slices his own head*
    Random guy: dude your phone rigging

    Villiam in heaven: 🖕🏾

  16. Oh don't mind me, I'm just here for my daily viewing 🙂

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