Direct Download [Red Alert 2 & Yuris Revenge] full in win 10 , 8 and 7 (2020)

Direct link to Download C&C Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge free and full in win 10
**working fine with GameRanger**
***If you Had an error ,,, check Run this program always as Admin***

The link:

***If you Had an error ,,, try to open the game as an Admin***
How to install NEW Maps on [Red Alert 2] & [Yuris Revenge]

Download [Generals and Zerohour] full in win 10 :

How to install Maps on Generals Zero Hour :

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  1. Thank you. It worked on Windows 10 but do you know how to install it with eagle red mod?

  2. I downloaded the file from fileupload but it keeps having an error. I think the file now is corrupted.

  3. You show one thing in the video and a completely different thing is in the link to download… doesn't work on windows 10

  4. For some reason when i downloaded this the RA2.exe disappeared. When i tried to redownload it did the same thing. Can someone help please

  5. Graphics patch wont work. access denied
    Game launches, i choose game mode and it crashed anywhere between 2 and 10 mins. tried every compatibility mode and run as admin.
    Windows 10 64bit here.

  6. the files u have in your screen , how do i get it , it doesnt exist in the compressed file

  7. i downloaded the 400mb zip file, extracted it then whats next? i did not show whats on your video.. thanks

  8. Hi, i followed all the steps but unfortunately stil doesnt work and has some issues.. i hope you can help me. the Red Alert 2 icon that suppose to be showing in desktop after installing does not show its icon logo. when i open the file location it says browse to locate file location. and in yuri's revenge icon logo is there but a pop-up shows saying FATAL string manager failed to initialized properly. please help me how to fix it. im using windows 10 os rn. id be very grateful if you can help me with it

  9. for people got “ * fatal*** string manager failed to initialized properly!" in windows 10, try this, work for me:
    1. right click your icon (r2 and yuri too) then click properties
    2. select compatibility tab and check the compatibility mode (choose windows xp sp3)
    3. dont forget to check "run this program as administrator"
    4. refresh and ready to play!
    5. After you reach the game main menu type "HIRES" to activating high resolution option.

    thanks for the video and files @ANA Games!

  10. what should i do mine said **FATAL** string manager failed to initialized properly. Help pls

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