Drawing Cammy (Street Fighter): with Long Vo

Capcom & Udon artist Long Vo drew Cammy (from Street Fighter) using a brush pen & Copic markers at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Check out Long’s channel and tell him CartoonBlock sent you:

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  1. They fucked it up with the gigantic buff trend on the new street fighter games.. they should have gone for this animation but with better graphic style

  2. one of mine favorite female characters in fight game when I was kid I jerked of all the time by the way great work!

  3. Cammy is my favorite character! She, R. Mika, and Juri are my favorite female characters in Street Fighter V. I should look into Street Fighter IV: Super for PS4. It looks pretty good.

  4. For some reason I just cant get the slope of the forehead to nose right! URGHH it's either a too sharp face or a too vertically straight face!

  5. To anyone saying the guy's really good. While I agree, you also have to figure, he's probably drawn Cammy hundreds of times. He could do it with his eyes closed by now. The day this drawing was done, he probably drew here quite a bit already. And maybe even more after. Draw one thing long enough, eventually it'll barely take any effort to draw it anymore.

    I have many problems with drawing. I'm not great at it. But ONE thing I know I have issues with, is thinking. When I draw, I tend to stop thinking part way through. Like, I'll do the sketch, and then once the sketch is done, I go into like, 'auto' mode. I just start tracing the sketch with lineart. Which is bad, because the sketch is never the final thing. I don't put enough thought into where the lines should go, or where shadows should go. Or where the structure of the body is or anything. I just..draw lines.

    There's so many times where I'll sorta, forget how to draw, mid-drawing. I'll revert back to how I used to draw something. Given time, and if I really think about things, I can draw something that I'm reasonably happy with. But most of the time, I'll start drawing, and just end up in auto-pilot, forgetting all about the structure of things, how things work, how I KNOW something should look. And revert back to drawing things very simple, or how I used to draw years ago. I'm guessing this is because I got in such a habit back then of drawing that way, that it's hard to change. Similar to trying to force your art style to change. You usually end up going back to how it used to be.

  6. oh hey, thanks stranger, for some strange reason that made feel incredible good about my self xD.

  7. I cannot stop salivating right now…

    Looks so goddamn good. One day, i'll be able to draw that well…

  8. Never say never if u compare yourself to better artists u will always look down on your skills people progress over years u just need to practice and put time into it

  9. What was the pen he was using at the very beginning, before the pilot brush pen I recognized?

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