EXO Shift (Free PC Indie Game): FreePCGamers Game Watch

This time on Game Watch we show you EXO Shift, a free futuristic racing game (think WipEout) where MrYoYoMuffin drives at lightning speed, hits quite a few walls and falls just short of third place.

FreePCGamers Game Watch is a webshow where we look at the best indie and freeware games.

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Nguồn: https://openworldleague.org/

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  1. Nope. We're trying to assemble a good team of reliable editors that want to create quality videos and to be a part of this for the long run. Sadly, despite several warnings, at first some editors say they're motivated and want to join the channel/website only to give up a few weeks later. In the long run we'll get the good, reliable guys, or at least I hope so. However, we do appreciate the work and time of everyone who made videos for us!

  2. Freepcgamers seem to be turning more and more into a userbased-account. Is this the point, or are you lettig way too many people uploading to your channel?

  3. Hey! It was our pleasure, it's great when we find some nice, polished games like yours. Great job!

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