F*** Mr. Hatcher – Game Grumps


  1. Danny slowly spiralling into despair makes this so much more hilarious

  2. Alright, well now that I’m thoroughly hard, time to look up Mr. Hatcher on Rule34 and XBooru

  3. As a gay man this is definetly how every single one of us found out we were into dicks and balls

  4. For some reason, this where in my recommend and can I tell u not.

    I'm so happy that it did 🙂

  5. (Game Grumps has made their video age restricted)

    this is an Avengers level threat

  6. The fact that this video is STILL up 😂😂😂 and YT wasn't like "i don't think we should have this on the internet "

  7. This video was the first one I watched with my new 18+ unlock from Google a year ago. No regerts.

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