F1 2020 HANOI HOTLAP + SETUP (1:32.954)

Here’s what I feel is a very good baseline setup for Vietnam on F1 2020 😀

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Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Fanatec Podium Wheel DD1
Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit

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  1. 0:00 Hotlap
    1:54 Track Guide
    4:00 Setup

    Thanks for the Video, gives a good look at the track but for me I just hate this thing. Don't know why exactly tho. 🙈

  2. It's too bad the Vietnamese GP was postponed. I was looking forward to seeing a full grid of cars rip through turns 15-21.

  3. When the A.I goes along side you through that second sector…

    Bloody hell we just end up ping ponging from wall to wall until all four wheels are hanging by the tethers.

  4. Your setup is so much better than the one I was using. Had more stability at the rear whereas my old setup, I keep getting a lot of oversteers especially in the last sector.

  5. I hope I will never see f1 cars on this arcade shitty track. What does f1 benefit from going to countries where people never heard of f1://///

  6. This track is a bitch. I’m struggling for grip everywhere and that last sector is a killer.

  7. This track is a literal abomination, worst track I've ever witnessed, turn 1 is horrible I simpley dont understand it at all

  8. Ugly track , good job, but ugly pure understeer , keep up the good work

  9. Playing this circuit with your team car (this is the 3rd circuit), it is impossible to get fast. I never change every single difficulty or assist, and everytime i had qualify, i always got 7-10 position. But this one i got 15. Like crazy, i tried my best, but in the end, it doesnt matter. I crashed to lewis in the first lap of the race. If i am going to be 0 points, i am gonna take the pole position points as well

  10. Hi, my name is Emilio, i am from Paraguay and i follow you since the last year, all your league races with de comments are amazing. I recently buy the F1 2020 and started My Team Career mode and i use all yours setups. My car is the third last on the paper, but with your setups, easily reach the top 10 (95% ia, no brake assist and i use the controller). Sorry for my english hahaha. Amazing content, i will wair for some extra tips

  11. I was actually most excited for this track and thought Zandvoort looked rubbish, but after driving them I think Vietnam is one of the worst tracks to drive and the Netherlands is one of the best 😂

  12. Got to this track on my team today, bloody hell, never usually do the 3 practise rounds but had to for this. Managed to get 8th but only because I judged the pit stop correctly

  13. As soon as I tried out this setup, Hanoi instantly became my favorite circuit of the first 4 races. Now my car could point exactly where I wanted down that final section without breaking a sweat, not to mention it put much less wear on my tires as well.

  14. I hate this track so much. I keep lowering the difficulty, but on those 2 long straights, it doesn't matter who is behind me, they will always catch me.

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