Fairy Tail Vs One Piece 0.9 – Luffy 2Y – Game Show – Game Play – 2015 – HD

Fairy Tail Vs One Piece 0.9
Demon Tail Piece VS 0.9

Description :
Demon Tail Piece VS 0.9 Update: Added figures: two years later Luffy and Zoro, optimization effects, known BUG repair, go to the game experience more exciting.

Operating Guide :
Player 1: AD keys to control character movement, W key secondary key, S key defense, J key to attack, K key to jump (which can double jump), L button instantaneous step, U key skills, I key to kill;

Player 2: ← → arrow keys move, ↑ key secondary key, ↓ key defense, attack the numeric keys 1, 2 key to jump (which can double jump), 3-button instantaneous step, the 4 key skills, kill 5 key, Enter key to pause / moves the table / return title;

Moves way: W + J, S + J, W + U, S + U, W + I, S + I, dodge: S + L.

How to get started :
Game is loaded click on the screen – and then select the mode – then WASD keys to select the character – and J button to confirm to start the game

Game goal :
Reasonable operation, the use of techniques to beat the opponent.

Game Name : Demon Tail Piece VS 0.9 – Fairy Tail Vs One Piece 0.9
Category : Action Games Fighting One Piece anime games original games double games boy games Featured
Date : 2015-07-05

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  1. He keep spaming the same moves i don't knoe how to write it but i think jet basooka

  2. Dude one peace rules and the characters of one peace can kill fairy tail with their eyes closed

  3. thách mày đánh với máy bằng luffy vs laxus được đó hoặc đánh với tao. nói trước là tao là cao thủ chơi one piece vs fairy tail đó nha

  4. all i heard in these fight was Jet bazooka jet giganto pistoru jet bazooka jet giganto pistoru jet bazooka jet bazooka jet giganto pistoru. Some other moves?

  5. To be honest I have my own opinion on who would win if it was Natsu vs Luffy but if you choose one think have you ever watch the other anime before you start talking crap I've watched fairy tail 1-277 it's a great anime I can't wait for the guild to get back together and one piece I'm on episode 684 and I like Luffy and Natsu equally they should be brothers there dum 🙂

  6. 1:00 Why hasn't Wendy gotten her Dragon Force? That probaly would've beaten the shit out of Ruffy… (well, not sure if that chapter was already released back then.) Seriously, I think Ruffy would actually lose to Dragon Force Wendy 😛 If he can survive lon enough in gear 4 to have Wendy go out of power, he would've an easy game, but otherwise (fan of both series btw)

  7. i didn't watch one piece but anyway, luffy could never beat Natsu. cause NOBODY beats Natsu!


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